A  Security Blanket

“Those fingers sprinting on the fast lane, grabbed the eyeballs of these teens and super-glued on the screen. Bringing this sticky thing near their eyeballs has sealed their lips and plant their hips onto a couch which turned them into a slouch” she said.

“Beware of the evil cell”, yelled his mom.

“Or, do me a favor, crush it, and send it to hell”, she smirked.

It was firmly stuck to his fingers and palm. He opened his hand and spread his fingers as if it was breathless. But it was still holding fast. He tried shaking, bumping and finally prying, but it wouldn’t let loose. He typed on it with a finger of the other hand, until it was becoming painful. The thought occurred to him that he could have an assistant, who could help him in relaxing his fingertips and prying eyes.

Jeff- Hi, Siri!

Siri (machine) – Hey, Jeff!

Jeff- Can you tell me a joke?

Siri (machine) – If you get heartburn every time you eat birthday cake, try taking the candles off.

Jeff- HA! HA! HA!

I love you, Siri!

Siri (machine) – I wish if I could blush. But I value you, Jeff.

Jeff- Oh, thank you, Siri!

He realized! He was wasting his life staring at that little machine and then, that monumental portal sucks out these vibrant souls full of innovation and creativity. Continuous tapping, texting, emailing, internet surfing made him a CELLFISH.

From his grip, he never let it go. His hands disfigured as a monkey’s grip. He noticed the rectangular machine which had made him a scoff and stubbornly smirked himself into the mirror.

“AH! So much of a zombie enthusiast!” He exclaimed.

They all used virtually the same words to describe their reactions, Fretful, Insecure, Restless, Crazy, Addicted, Angry, Lonely, Dependent.

In effect, it has become this generation’s ‘Security blanket’.